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On July 2, 2024, around 6:00 AM, due to the rise of the Irrawaddy River in Bhamo Township, Bhamo District, Kachin State, water entered houses in low-lying areas such as Pauk Kone Ward and Nyaung Pin Ward. In response to this situation, firefighters from the Bhamo District Fire Station, with one fire engine, one search and rescue vehicle, and eight search and rescue boats, were dispatched to assist with evacuations. The operations were completed by 5:00 PM.As a result of this incident, 72 households from Pauk Kone Ward, comprising 148 men and 169 women (a total of 317 people), were relocated to the Dhammikarama Monastery and the No. 3 Primary School in Pauk Kone Ward. Additionally, 81 households from Nyaung Pin Ward, comprising 135 men and 158 women (a total of 293 people), were relocated to the No. 1 Primary School in Nyaung Pin Ward. It was reported that there were no injuries.