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On 16.9.2023 at about 00 05, Bago Region fire station received the report that a fire broke out at the Monk U Artharba Bhiwontha's (40'x40') 2 storey building in Thiri Mingalar  Zaytawon Monastery  at  Nan Oo Road, Kalayarni Quarter, Bago Township, Bago Region . The fire started from wire overheated. According to the report, firefighters from the fire stations in Bago Region extinguished the fire with 12 fire engines and at about 00 35 , the fire was completely out. Due to the fire, (40'x 40') 2 storey building was burned and the Monk U Arthartha Biwontha was opened the file in accordance with 285, Pa (337/2023) of the Code of Criminal Procedure by No(2) Bago Local Police Station.